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E2C Cattle Co. is now selling beef by the pound! Our ground beef is comprised of all of the greatest carcass cuts (Chuck, Rib, Loin, Sirloin, Round, Shank, Flank, and Brisket) with a 90/10 beef to fat ratio. This is a lean, high quality ground beef that cannot be found anywhere else. There are no food dyes, no fillers, no added water, no hormones, and no organs or other oddities that seem to be a fade today; this is pure 100% locally raised angus, hereford cross beef that is grass-fed and grain-finished to achieve the highest level of flavor, tenderness, and enjoyment. Your hamburgers, meatloafs, spagetti sauces, and burrito bars will be the talk of the town. 


Pricing is based on 4 Pounds of Premium Ground Beef.

Premium Ground Beef - 4 Pounds

Expected to be available 1st week of July 2024
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