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Sides of Beef

Want Beef? We sell half and whole sides of beef. Reserve yours today. Customers should expect approximately 500lbs of angus-cross grass fed/grain finished beef when purchasing a whole side.

What to Expect and Why to Buy

Ditch the Food Pyramid

We've been forced to learn about the food pyramid (Millennials) and then the myplate (Gen Z)...these are all propaganda paid for by special interest groups. There is no better food for your body and for the environment than that of the natural beef. No added preservatives, no food coloring, no chemicals to make it last on the shelf for years and years...this is all natural protein! There are few things in this world that can convert an inedible grass into a delicious and nutritious steak, praise the Lord for His planning.

More on beef nutrition: Nutrition (

Other Articles and Publications worth reading:

Oklahoma cattle producers aren't the problem, but part of the solution (

Cuts of Beef

There are five major primal beef cuts in a beef feeder animal:

1. Chuck

2. Rib

3. Loin and Sirloin

4. Round

5. Brisket, Plate, and Flank

All sides of beef can be custom cut out of these primal cuts. Commonly, roasts, steaks, brisket, and ground beef are ordered but other specific items such as tongue and liver can be packaged as well. Anything that you don't choose to selectively package will be turned into ground beef (hamburger meat).

Custom Processing Questions:

1. Do you want round steaks? Do you want them tenderized?

2. How thick do you want your steaks? 1", 1.5", 2"? more? 

3. Do you want ribeye steaks? 

4, Do you want sirloin steaks?

5. Do you want club steaks? how about T-Bones? 

6. Do you want roasts? How big? 3lbs? 4lbs? 5lbs? 

7. Do you want the heart? 

8. Do you want the tongue? 

9. Do you want the short ribs?

10. Do you want packaged boneless stew meat? 

11. Soup bones? 

12. Brisket? 

13. Skirt or flank steaks? 

14. What size of hamburger meat packages do you want? 1lb? 1.5lbs? 2lbs? 

15. What percent lean do you want on your hamburger meat? 80/20, 90/10, 93/7?

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